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Big Data is a Weapon of Math Destruction – Ep. 12

Big data is bandied about as the silver bullet to countless problems. From helping us make smarter business decisions through to choosing which suburb we should live in, big data is a catch-all solution to issues around the world. Mix in a little artificial intelligence and Bob’s your uncle, right? Not necessarily. Cathy O’Neil, an American mathematician, data scientist, Ted Talk speaker and author (her latest book is called Weapons of Math Destruction), argues big data contains more human bias than we care to admit. She warns that it could be toxic to our very democracy.

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Don’t Pull the Trigger Until You Red Team It – Ep. 11

We make important decisions daily, in business, some of those decisions have a high dollar value.Executing a new strategy naturally comes with risk, but have you considered all the possible outcomes? Is there a way to mitigate potential failures and loss to your business?Bryce Hoffman, author of the book "Red Teaming: Transform Your Business by Thinking Like the Enemy", joins host Mike Lynch and Leigh Sujanto to discuss a new way businesses can begin to make better decisions.

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When it comes to retirement…you should get excited! – Ep. 10

Retirement is considered, by most of us, as something that just happens at the end of our working life...but it doesn’t have to be.It can be a time of living by the seaside, travelling the world, or ticking items off your bucket list, it’s all up to you.  A little preparation and planning now can make all the difference.Claire MacKay, Director and Head of Advice at Quantum Financial, talks with Mike Lynch and co-host Kylie Kwong about how retirement can be the most exciting and fulfilling time in your life.

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Need a business advisor? There’s an app for that – Ep. 9

In this episode, we talk with award-winning technology entrepreneur, speaker, and author, Dale Beaumont, who has spent the past decade helping small to medium enterprises become more prosperous. His latest venture...BRiN…a mobile app, powered by artificial intelligence, takes his quest to help sme’s to the next level. Dale also tackles some of BRiN's more popular questions that the app receives from its subscribers.

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Keep it Simple for Success – Ep. 8

He’s the guy who put the “i” in iPhone. Ken Segall is the Former Creative Director at Apple...working side by side with Steve Jobs for almost 12 years...and he’s also the author of the best-selling books “Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success” and “Think Simple: How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity” At the recent World Business Forum held in Sydney...Former CEO of Chartered Accountants ANZ...Lee White...sat down with Ken a private members session…to discuss his reflections on working at Apple...and how important keeping it simple leads to success.

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Get out of the box and apply wisdom – Ep.7

In this episode of the Acuity podcast, host Mike Lynch and co-host Leigh Sujanto speak with Ricardo Semler the CEO of Brazilian company Semco Partners about why he refuses to have an organisational chart, why “terminal days” are so important and how staying in the box is stifling innovation.

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